An eye to being proactive, safe


Re: Cameras only record crime, June 19 letters.


Re: Cameras only record crime, June 19 letters.

I write this letter in total support of the motion brought forward by Coun. Al Campbell regarding the need for cameras on the promenade.

We are living in a society where the average Canadian is photographed several times a day in the suburbs and more than 50 times if you happen to live in the city. Cameras are a fact of life.

When applied to White Rock and, in particular, to the promenade, they would provide a huge arsenal of information for first responders as to precisely where to render assistance. There are two kilometres of beach, and if the fire department or ambulance needs to be dispatched, that information is critical.

White Rock does not have the luxury of having lots of spare cash to hire more bylaw officers, and having a monitoring facility would enable the city to direct our existing employees to the area of concern.

From the tourist point of view, the cameras could provide live feed to the various webcams that are viewable online.

It definitely has possibilities!

A huge benefit would be the ongoing monitoring of the White Rock pier. In addition to the huge investment we have in this uniquely beautiful attraction, there is also the need of other agencies who would welcome cameras on our aquatic walkway. Specifically, the Coast Guard, Fisheries and Immigration and Customs would welcome them not only as a deterrent but as a supplement for our own security.

In my opinion, Campbell’s initiative is very strong and the proposal for cameras would be a solid investment using our tax dollars to provide efficiency and cost savings in the long term.

As wonderful as White Rock might be, we can no longer be complacent and in denial that things “don’t happen here.”

They do and they will.

Let’s be proactive.

Bob Nicholas, White Rock