Basic needs should be met


Re: MLA Jagrup Brar is keeping it real, Jan. 26 column.


Re: MLA Jagrup Brar is keeping it real, Jan. 26 column.

Surrey MLA Jagrup Brar is to be congratulated on his efforts in bringing to light the hardship of living on welfare, but it should never be easy getting a free handout and should only be a temporary fix.

Some healthy welfare recipients have also been collecting for years with no accountability, so at the least they should be required on a month-to-month basis to show their efforts in trying to obtain employment. Otherwise, what incentive do they have to get a job?

If it is more money they require for food, clothing, etc., issue vouchers for these items if they qualify.

If recipients are addicted to drugs or alcohol, or mentally challenged, they should be screened differently than the average person, as obviously they are not capable of managing their own affairs. Again, they should be given vouchers if required, rather than money, so you know they are getting what they need. Otherwise, it just becomes a revolving door.

Every human has the right to live in a clean and healthy environment, but we all know that some rental owners take advantage of the less fortunate and, at times, make them live in deplorable conditions.

If the government is paying the tab, why are they allowing these conditions? Why are they not withholding the rent until these owners make the space more livable?

As a low-income renter, you are usually required to share your space with others, which no doubt can become challenging at times, but at the very least your basic needs should be met, such as running hot water and working appliances.

If not, there is something seriously wrong with the system.

Cheryl Berti, White Rock