Better to be safe than sorry


Re: Residents aim to take back the power, April 19.


Re: Residents aim to take back the power, April 19.

As the debate about smart meters continues, I see a point of view not yet addressed; that of multiple meters in apartment/condo blocks.

Every multiple housing block has an electrical room on the ground floor which contains a meter for each suite. Each one gives out pulses that BC Hydro tells us are benign. As most of us can’t get a handle on the science of this issue, it might be well to adopt a cautionary attitude rather than blind acceptance of BC Hydro’s theory.

My caution warns me that I have 15 meters right beneath my bedroom floor emitting radioactive pulses regularly.

Neither walls, floors, ceilings or anything else will lessen the barrage 24 hours a day.

The pulses have effect across 300 feet, therefore anyone within that range will be in their path, as well as the path of pulses from buildings across the street, behind and beside you. You could be receiving a dose 200 times the strength of Hydro quotes for one meter if there are 50 suites in four adjacent buildings.

This, in addition to all the Wi-Fi gadgets, phones, cell towers, etc.

The smart meters were imposed upon citizens without permission or consultation.

There are cities in Europe, Canada and the U.S. where they have become optional or are banned.

Smart meters are capable of interacting “with any future technology,” which I read to mean that if any government department wants to collect data that people want to remain private, there’ll be nothing we can do.

Mary Garner, White Rock