Blame Senate, not the PM


Re: Senate expenses beg questions, Aug. 20 editorial.


Re: Senate expenses beg questions, Aug. 20 editorial.

Your biased article failed to mention there are Senate miscreants from both Liberal and Conservative camps. You only name Conservatives.

If the NDP get in, expect a new group of Senatorial idiots.

(Editor’s note: The editorial mentioned former-Liberal Senator Mac Harb’s fall from grace, as noted by Conservative MP Russ Hiebert.)

You know the prime minister has from the get-go stated the Senate should be abolished because it is essentially useless and a waste of taxpayer dollars? Why did you leave that out, as well as his efforts before the courts to accomplish reforms if the Senate cannot be abolished?

Reporters expect immediate answers, and I would give the benefit of the doubt to any prime minister who commented on a senator’s expenses without full information. I’m sure he had a chat with Senator Pamela Wallin who assured him she was pure and true.

To answer your question of what changed between February and May is that the facts came out. Would you not support your appointee until facts prove otherwise?

The prime minister then took what action he could and kicked the bums out of the party. If he could have, he would’ve fired them out of the Senate. You didn’t mention that, either. It is the Senate that is corrupt, not the government of the day.

At the recent premiers’ conference, a motion by the Saskatchewan premier to urge the abolishment of the Senate was deemed of no importance by the premier of B.C., and the motion failed. She likes things the way they are. Talk to her.

J. Edwards, Surrey