Businesses should foot bill


Few of us are happy about pay-parking, nor are we happy about increased taxes.


Re: Pay-parking break ‘would raise taxes,’ Feb. 28.

Few of us are happy about pay-parking, nor are we happy about increased taxes.

White Rock has quite a cash cow between parking fees and tickets, and I’m sure any reduction in either sends panic throughout city hall.

The majority of people using pay waterfront parking are non-White Rock residents – as most of us walk or take the bus. Who do these out-of-town visitors benefit? Businesses along the waterfront, who, incidentally, through the Business Improvement Association, are pushing for times of lowered or no parking fees.

As a result, we’re threatened by higher taxes.

Excuse me? The BIA wants lowered parking fees to increase their business traffic, and I have to pay higher taxes because of it?

Let the BIA pick up the tab.

Since our new mayor took office, things have definitely taken a pro-business, pro-development turn. The wishes of the majority wanting to keep White Rock and its unique character in check have become the minority voice given an occasional listen and the usual political ‘assurances’ that our concerns are being addressed.

These are sad times for White Rock. Our city is being turned over to the business community, real-estate interests and developers. We’re told that by increasing businesses, increase highrise development, etc., we residents will enjoy lowered property taxes and other amenities.

Not true. More city services will be needed; infrastructure will need improvement; there will be more money for council to spend; and, as we know, taxes always go up.

Parking fees are too high, especially around the hospital where many find it difficult in times of crisis to cough up the toonies. Reduce fees around PAH, that will be a service the city can easily provide to many who can’t afford it.

If the BIA wants lowered waterfront fees, let them pay the difference, not me.

Kaylee Scott, White Rock