LETTERS: ‘Community’ by the sea

LETTERS: ‘Community’ by the sea

Editor: I read overly critical reviews of what our council has done to our ‘community’ by the sea.


I continue to read the overly critical reviews of what our current mayor and council have done to our lovely ‘community’ by the sea.

Yes, community. I refuse to acknowledge it as a ‘city,’ as this fits perfectly with what our current council want it to be!

The bottom line here is that we are responsible as White Rock residents for putting this nightmare in place with our votes, but the good news is that we have a second chance at redemption and can do the exact opposite this time around.

It’s not rocket science to work out who is part of the ‘big business and developers’ slate and who has their interests at heart over the residents. We all know who those councillors are, and we also know who has not been part of that slate and who has attempted to defend our city from the ‘big city’ plans that have begun the process of completely changing the look of our city, so let’s get it right this November and bring in those who have our interests at heart and who will stop further development.

If we do not do our civic duty this November, we will live to regret it immensely as we attempt to find our way in and out of a wind tunnel of a town, cast in dark tall shadows throughout parts of the day, and find ourselves in a perpetual gridlock of traffic that will consume every street and turn us into a mini West End of Vancouver.

It’s up to us!

Michael King, White Rock