Debate over bonus pay


Re: Little merit in Falcon’s pay ploy, Jan. 12 editorial.

Merit versus seniority – BC Liberal leadership candidate Kevin Falcon does our society a service by bringing the subject to our attention, and by implication, inviting public discussion on the opposing views regarding the place of merit and seniority in methods of rewarding teachers.

 This is a serious matter facing our society with far-reaching implications on many fronts, not least on our relative economic position in a competitive world. 

Should the subject be raised in any forum – which it rarely is – answers from either side come out so rapidly and without careful thought that they resemble some quasi-religious response based on faith alone.

Would it not be helpful to us all to witness debate on the question with knowledgeable speakers defending pro and con positions with scholarly evidence supporting those positions?

By means of such debates, with the proceedings well and accurately reported by the media, the public will be in a position to make rational and well-informed opinions and instruct their elected governments accordingly.

D.M. Stibbs, Surrey

• • •

Hearing about bonuses for “better” teachers is a joke.

Teachers should do the best job possible. If they are no good – out with them. I am sure there are other devoted teachers out of work who would be glad to get a job.

This whole talk about giving anybody a bonus for any job is unrealistic. You get paid to do a job and if you cannot do it properly – out you go.

Hans G. Schmidt, Surrey