A frequent visitor to Southmere Village Park

A frequent visitor to Southmere Village Park

Drained pond reveals your trash

Editor: On behalf of our community, “Thank you, Mr. Bob Ross.”


My fitness routine includes walking twice around the ponds in Southmere Village Park on the corner of 16 Avenue and 148 Street.

And I almost never take my digital camera with me, however, last Monday something told me to do just that and to my amazement as I came around the lower pond which is still without water, I noticed a pile of junk by the garbage bin at the southwest corner.

A few steps further I met the reason for the pile of garbage, Bob Ross who is recovering from a stroke who also ‘walks the park.’ However, instead of just walking he decided to clean up this second pond.

So, with Bob’s permission, my camera recorded Bob and his pile of junk that included old cellphones, plastic cameras, kids’ shoes, several umbrellas, beer and pop cans, glass bottles… and the list goes on.

On behalf of our community, “Thank you, Mr. Bob Ross,” whose one regret is that he did not do the same when the upper pond was empty.

Now I wonder if it is too much to ask other users of this ‘little bit of heaven’ to keep your junk out of the ponds; we have excellent recycling programs in place, even for old cellphones.

A big thank you also to the City of Surrey for resurfacing the entire walkway and hope that the grassy areas will eventually come back to life.

Douglas Brown, Surrey