EDITORIAL: Grad a time for all to grow

EDITORIAL: Grad a time for all to grow

It’s a significant milestone for students and parents alike

For hundreds of teens across the Semiahmoo Peninsula, this is a particularly important month – graduation, and the end of a significant chapter in their lives.

In a nutshell, it’s time for them to grow up.

For the first time in 13 years – counting kindergarten and assuming no repeat years, that is – they won’t have bells regulating their daily schedule, or a crunch to get to their lockers between classes, among other things.

For many, the time is an understandably thrilling one, full of excitement for what lies ahead as they venture into “adulting.”

There’s college and university awaiting many; and for some, the post-secondary path is taking them away – far away – from home on their own for the first time.

An adventure, indeed.

For others, it’s daunting.

Responsibilities, of course, shouldn’t be new to any grad – although it’s no secret that some get coddled more than others through their formative years and are perhaps less-prepared – but just how many more come with the transition to the “real world” can be difficult to digest.

As adults – and, at 18, they are, even if they still can’t legally buy their own alcohol – they must, if they haven’t been doing so already, look after themselves.

That’s not to say the support of parents and other role models is about to disappear, but it certainly will shift more to their own shoulders.

No doubt, many will see the summer months ahead as their last opportunity to enjoy carefree freedom, and will plan to spend every possible moment with friends, at gatherings and on road trips with them that may, intentionally or not, serve as a final bon voyage.

We can only hope that they’ll make decisions that will see them through safely.

Parents, too, are likely feeling nostalgic over the milestone – particularly if this is their last child to graduate. Commencement ceremonies are wrapping up and school days as they’ve known them for more than a decade are coming to a close.

It’s a graduation for them, as well.

In short, and no different from countless Junes before now, many lives are about to change.

Embrace the possibilities.