Fallout over care proposal


Re: More to lose than care beds, Jan. 21 letters; Care-bed strife, Jan. 23.


Re: More to lose than care beds, Jan. 21 letters.

Many nearby residents read, with much remorse, the communication written by letter-writer D. Lypka casting aspersions upon contractor Mark Ankenman’s appointment as architect for the Evergreen Baptist Campus of Care development.

One has to assume the author was or is working to earn an income. How sad it is to think that the letter writer might one day fall from his ivory condo and need the very services Evergreen provides.

As one ages, life itself is the great equalizer, and one hopes he may be accommodated by the very care providers that he disrespects.

James Golightly, White Rock

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Re: Care-bed strife, Jan. 23.

Does anyone care about trees in White Rock?

City manager Dan Bottrill states that one of the things that the city takes seriously is our trees (‘City takes tree poisoning seriously,’ Jan. 14).

But the developer of a planned extension to the Evergreen Care Home located on Oxford Street intends to cut down 22 old-growth trees if the project is approved.

If you care about trees and do not wish to see them destroyed, please attend the public hearing on Feb. 3 at White Rock Community Centre to show and voice your opposition to the Evergreen project.

Pauline Chang, White Rock