Good deeds all around

Editor: Readers always complain that goods news never gets printed. Maybe it’s because we don’t share it.


I would like to extend a most grateful thank you to Mike and the other folks who came to my assistance Dec. 31 when I fell on the Peninsula Village Safeway parking lot.

Your help was so appreciated.

To each of you – Happy New Year!

Pamela Bissell, Surrey


Readers always complain that goods news never gets printed. Maybe it’s because we don’t share it.

Here’s one item for your critical selection:

My father passed away 25 years ago and my mother decided to wear his chain and cross till she herself passed away 15 years later. She bequeathed to my wife the item and she likewise has been wearing it ever since.

She went to Peace Arch Hospital for an X-ray and was asked to remove it; she put it in her purse and a few days later she remembered to put it back around her neck – except the item was no longer there.

We were both heartbroken.

She frantically phoned the five stores she had meanwhile called on and on her last phone call, she was told that a Good Samaritan had turned the object in to their lost-and-found.

The emotion for both my wife and I was overwhelming, considering the irreplaceable emotional value of this item.

We took a bottle of wine to the store to thank them and asked if they could identify the good person for us. So far, no luck.

By the way the X-ray turned out negative also. We were blessed.

Gerald Young, White Rock


Everyone at the Surrey Christmas Bureau wishes to thank our city’s generous residents and businesses who freely donated funds and toys and volunteered their time and services.

It is wonderful to know people can still count on one another to share their abundance and good wishes.

The City of Surrey contributed to our excellent toy depot site, which was very appreciated. Nearly 2,000 local families were either directly assisted or referred to other services. This translates into over 4,500 children whose Christmas morning was made happier by our community’s generosity.

As we organize for 2012, we gratefully reflect on the special donors and volunteers who made Christmas magic happen in our city.

K.C. Gilroy, co-ordinator, Surrey Christmas Bureau