LETTER: Chalky residue in municipal water supply a cause for concern


Re: ‘Water is undrinkable,’ July 4 letters

Nick Miller writes that his tap water has a chalky substance that is left when water evaporates in a glass or a buildup of residue in the toilet at water-level.

He also states that the water has a chemical odour. According to his letter, he lives on the north side of 16 Avenue, which is the South Surrey side.

I believe the City of Surrey supplies all water north of 16 Avenue.

I live north of 16 Avenue in Ocean Park and have noticed something like what Mr. Miller describes in my water as well. It appears to be getting worse. As far as the chemical odour is concerned, my water has the usual odour of chlorine.

I do have a concern regarding the chalky residue in my water, even if it is calcium, and wonder why there is so much?

Carl Katz, Ocean Park

Editor’s note: According to the City of Surrey, there are a number of residences along the north side of 16 Avenue/North Bluff Road as well as on the west side of 136 Street/Bergstrom Road that, while located in Surrey, are part of the White Rock water system.

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