LETTER: City of Surrey doesn’t appear to care about its image

Budget constraints show in lack of weed management


It is somewhat depressing to travel down 16 Avenue, west of Johnston Road.

On the White Rock side to the south, the sidewalks are tidy and clear of weeds. On the Surrey side to the north, the sidewalks are full of weeds by the curbside, many of them tall.

Further on, when the road becomes Surrey on both sides, they become rough patches of grass with poor, uneven asphalt paving. Surrey’s sidewalks are not like this just on 16 Avenue, but all over the city.

This is really tacky and gives the distinct impression that the City of Surrey does not care much about the image it projects.

It shows a real lack of awareness/decent management not aided, presumably, by budget constraints, particularly now with the increased cost of the planned RCMP replacement.

Robin Maggs, South Surrey

Letter to the Editor