LETTER: ‘Complainer’ finds himself ‘in good company’

LETTER: ‘Complainer’ finds himself ‘in good company’


Re: Votes cast set mandate, Feb. 12 letters.

Reader Michael Palmer, in response to my letter of Jan. 29, takes the view that a vote for a candidate is also a vote of support for the candidate’s campaign promises.

I disagree, especially when it comes to a police-force replacement. Mr. Palmer asks if I am a voter or a complainer: well, if I am the latter, then I am happy to note that I am in good company with the other 49,999 complainers who signed the petition to keep the RCMP, which is now being sent to the government.

This matter has gone too far, for too long, at too high a cost.

It is time for Mr. Horgan to show leadership and order a referendum.

David Peelo, Surrey

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