LETTER: Now is a good time of year for walkers to reflect on clothing choices

Another driver writes with concerns about lack of visibility of pedestrians in dark clothing


I wanted to comment on the lack of reflective clothing pedestrians wear in these dark days. I leave every morning in the dark. I would like to tell pedestrians that the reflection of your dogs’ eyes in my headlights is not enough of a warning to tell me you are there beside the dog.

Nor is the white fluffy wagging tail that shows up vaguely out of the dark.

There are the people who carefully put reflective collars or harnesses on their dogs, which at least gives me a bigger lighted object – fairly near to the ground – to see, but no one seems to want to spend money on a vest for themselves.

Deliberately going out during the darkest time of the year wearing head-to-toe black with not even reflective running shoes, when walking on the right side of the road with your back to traffic, is asking for an unfortunate result. Please don’t do this.

Sandra Kolibas, Surrey