LETTER: Promenade should be re-opened to local residents

LETTER: Promenade should be re-opened to local residents


The parking on Marine Drive has been closed for some weeks now, and I am wondering if any thought has been given by council to re-opening the promenade. Since there is nowhere for visitors to park, there should be no problem with the overcrowding that White Rock was experiencing.

Local daily walkers would be able to comply with social distancing on the promenade much more easily than it is on the sidewalk over the bluff.

It is appreciated that an effort has been made to provide some Marine Drive parking at the far end of West Beach for local pass holders, however another solution would have been to open the small parking lot at the pier, that would also provide the local restaurants who are trying to stay in business with a place close by for their take-out customers to pick up their food.

I then want to give council kudos. I have enjoyed walking on lower Johnston Road in the evening. With all the lights on the trees, it makes my walk very magical.

B. Glynes, White Rock

Editor’s note: This letter was submitted prior to the May 9-10 weekend, when record-high temperatures drew large crowds to the White Rock waterfront, causing concern for public safety among city council members.

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