LETTER: Thanks to all who helped after fall

LETTER: Thanks to all who helped after fall


I wish to thank the ladies who came to my aid when I fell on Southmere Crescent on Sunday, Jan. 26.

I am sorry to say that I won’t recognize them again as I was face-down for most of the time.

I kept on saying that my teeth were out of alignment, never thinking that it was a fractured jaw. They made me comfortable while they waited for the ambulance which they had called.

I also wish to thank the ambulance attendants who transported me to Peace Arch Hospital Emergency with such care, and also the doctor who attended me – unfortunately, I don’t remember his name, but I enjoyed his sense of humour and last, but not least, the nurse, Laura, who showed such concern and kindness.

And a huge thank you to my three daughters who are always there for me. To look on the bright side, I didn’t require surgery.

Margaret Frydenlund, South Surrey

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