LETTER: The time to end coal shipments is now

Canada needs to walk away from the coal industry to save the environment


Re: Liberals vow to end thermal-coal exports, Sept. 2.

It’s good to see that Gordon Hogg, Johnathan Wilkinson and others have finally realized that the transport of U.S. thermal coal through our country to fuel energy plants in Asia is not good for the environment.

My question is why are they waiting until 2030 to stop it?

If it is as serious as they say – and we all know it is – why not stop it now? Millions of tons of U.S. thermal coal will be transported through our country over the next nine years at the detriment of our climate. California, Oregon and Washington refused to transport this coal through their ports because of the pollution it causes. Why are we Canadians allowing it?

Canada has given China $275,000,000 to help them reduce the number of thermal plants they have and we continue to supply them with the fuel.

Warren Buffett owns BNSF and Jim Pattison owns Westshore Terminals – surely they don’t need the money and we Canadians are not making any money in terms of excise taxation on the coal shipments, so why not just stop it now?

The U.S. has walked away from contracts with us so it’s time for Canada to make a stand to save the planet.

Keith Hanson, South Surrey

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