A $5 bill was defaced with anti-vaccine messages.

LETTER: Vandal a victim of propaganda, misinformation, hype, and sensationalism


In South Surrey last week, I received a $5 bill (pictured above) in my change.

It is an example of the degree to which the politicization and neo-conservatism that now runs rampant in this country has been taken by a spineless few.

This particular individual chose to deface a piece of Canadian currency, as he was too cowardly to take any concerns/questions he obviously has to a science-based authority, such as a physician or pharmacist. The perpetrator has permitted himself to become a victim of propaganda, misinformation, hype, and sensationalism.

There is only one way towards ending this pandemic: put the health of everyone in the public ahead of our own selfishness!

Penny Oyama, Burnaby

Letter to the Editor