LETTERS: A call for all-way pedestrian-only crossing

LETTERS: A call for all-way pedestrian-only crossing


Re: 70 intersections give pedestrians a head start, Jan. 10

The article suggested that the city of Surrey is finally taking pedestrian safety seriously.

However, your coverage in a local paper sounded more hopeful than warranted, since all the sites listed were well outside the area used by Peace Arch News readers.

Improving pedestrian safety in the South Surrey-White Rock area is a matter of great urgency, likely best addressed by a combined White Rock-Surrey council committee, followed by a speedy decision and action.

The “head start” system may help at 152 Street and 16 Avenue, for example, where accidents and near-misses are far too frequent. However, I would suggest a more adventurous approach: an all-direction pedestrian-only crossing light. In this scenario, all traffic would be stopped, and pedestrians could cross in any direction they wish.

This system is in use in several cities in the world (none in Surrey or White Rock though) and seems both effective and not all that disruptive.

Could we urge the councils of both our municipalities to make such changes a priority before still more serious accidents occur?

Helen McFadden, South Surrey