LETTERS: A community of complaints

Letter writers sound off on residents' complaints on the Semiahmoo Peninsula.


Elves! I hate them.

Our White Rock, our beautiful Little-Eden-By-The-Sea, is nightly covered by a child-murdering blanket of carcinogenic coal dust, spread by that baby-eating BNSF railway and its coal-dust-spewing rail cars.

But each morning when I look for actual evidence of this genocide, those little pointy-eared b*st*rds have stopped repairing shoes and cleaned up the entire town. No coal dust, especially along the tracks and beach, the scene of the crime.

I just hate it when the facts don’t suit my narrative. So tonight, I’ll be down at the tracks  with my dad’s 12-gauge and my tinfoil-hat-cam.

I’m going to prove once and for all what’s real: coal dust, or elves.

Perry Kilby, White Rock

• • •

Re: Sounds of concern in our city, Aug. 19 letters.

I have been involved with White Rock in some fashion since before it was officially White Rock.

In Friday’s paper, I saw six letters to the editor complaining about a train that has been here since around 1909 and an experiment with a helicopter for all to experience for a few weeks.

I wish you would devote your time and effort to complaining about the really important issues in White Rock, the sand, sun and water.

Barry Gaudin, White Rock

• • •

Re: MP reaches out to minister over helicopter tour, Aug. 17.

I am at a total loss to understand protestors of the helicopter.

Do people like that have nothing to do? They do not own the sky rights, nor do they have the right to have the helicopter stopped.

The helicopter operators are just a group of young people trying to make a living. I say leave them and go after the 24-hour-a-day railway or the motorbikes on Marine Drive.

Better still, let’s all try to live together in this beautiful community.

Mike Pearce, White Rock

• • •

Seems like a “piling on” worst-case scenario.

Why are all levels of government OK with bullying Semiahmoo First Nation over their helicopter ride?

I was of the understanding the new federal government wanted to eliminate bullying in all forms. Why isn’t there any action being taken by law enforcement to prevent this?

Don MacKay, White Rock