LETTERS: A word of gratitude to Surrey’s first responders

LETTERS: A word of gratitude to Surrey’s first responders


We want to wish all the police officers, civilian members and staff of the Surrey RCMP detachment, including the past and incoming Officer in Charge, the Surrey Fire Department, and all first responders a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday.

Thanks for the incredible job you do making sure we are safe and secure while having to do more with less resources and even more so now with the current zero budget.

When we run from danger, they are the first people there to protect us, placing themselves in danger every day.

By not increasing the budget and resources of the RCMP and fire department, the Surrey City council is putting our community at risk, as well as the safety and well being of the men and women who serve our community.

We wish to thank them for the sacrifices they make; especially over Christmas when they are out patrolling our streets making them safer as we sit down with our families and friends to enjoy a Christmas dinner.

We pray that you will all be safe at Christmas and throughout the year.

Barry & Carol Hickman, Surrey