LETTERS: Addiction recovery shouldn’t be about profit

LETTERS: Addiction recovery shouldn’t be about profit


Recovery should not be about profit.

Nearly 20 years ago then-Coun. Diane Watts and I worked on trying to get some regulations on recovery houses.

Frankly, it was a lost cause. There are more illegal houses now than ever.

You see a five-bedroom house with 30 to 40 people in it, no night-time supervision, the operator bringing in big dollars.

I no longer have an answer other than for social service to carefully vet who gets assistance and ensure that the have a proper address, or for the government to operate recovery houses and make the others illegal and fine the landlords.

We also need to crack down on dealers and give them stiffer sentences. A drunk driver causing death or serious injury can go to jail for 10 years.

A drug trafficker gets two years. But statistics show that the number of drug-related deaths has increased by 600 per cent in 17 years.

The statistics show that out of every 10 who are drug addicted, at least two will die.

So should a drug dealer not get the equivalent of causing two deaths?

None of this makes sense.

Christina Eden, Surrey