White Rock council has asked for a corporate report to look at what's involved in trimming of blackberry bushes and other foliage on the Marine Drive 'hump.' (File photo)

LETTERS: ‘Aghast’ at City of White Rock’s decision to chop down saplings on the ‘hump’


Re: White Rock to take another look at trimming Marine Drive’s ‘hump,’ March 10

I am once again aghast as to why the city would even consider chopping down the saplings that are growing from the trees that were clear-cut in 2015.

Again, the city bends to whatever delegation comes to city hall. These same people have done numerous delegations trying to improve their views. Do they keep coming back until they get the answer they want to hear?

The community spoke loud and clear in October 2018 as to what they thought of the “Hump clearcut” that was quickly arranged in 2015. (It was supposed to go through an OCP hearing which it did not).

It seems they are rather vague about the number of saplings (trees) they want cut. Being as they represent multiple complexes on the Hump, I imagine it is quite extensive.

Why waste staff’s time when it they are so short-staffed as it is to do another report which they just did two years ago for the same people?

In one of the budgets a couple of years ago, engineering stuck in $11,000 for clear cutting those “weed trees” which those owners called them at the time.

Coun. Fathers, bless her soul, caught that right away and motioned it be struck from the budget. Carried.

Leave the “hump” alone, please.

Garry Wolgemuth, White Rock

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