LETTERS: All families are our future

LETTERS: All families are our future

Editor: Re: No future generations, Sept. 1 letters.


Re: No future generations, Sept. 1 letters.

Having children has nothing to do with sexual orientation, it is a matter of choice and a very serious responsibility.

My wife and I have been married for 45 years; we have no children by choice.

The writer’s inference that gay and lesbian couples cannot have children is wrong and outdated. There are, in this world, many families with gay and lesbian parents. One’s sexual orientation has no impact on his or her ability to create a loving family.

Imagine a community where people are accepted as simply people, regardless of their colour, sexual orientation, heritage, language spoken or how many children they have.

Ian Routledge, White Rock

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I believe that letter-writer L. Myyra is misguided in thinking that because homosexuals in Canada are finally treated as human beings and allowed to lead couples lifestyles, there will be no future for the human race.

Many gay couples have children; gay men adopt children and lesbian couples actually have their own biological children, and these families lead similar lives to heterosexual-couple families.

As a former delivery-room nurse, I have taken care of a number of lesbian couples during the birth process, so I know of what I write. When the parents and siblings are accepting of their gay children, then the children of the those couples will have grandparents, aunts and uncles and an abundance of extended family members, as long as the chain is not broken by prejudice.

What may be of greater concern for the future of mankind is the number of heterosexual couples who are choosing to remain childless or are having just one child – who, by the way, are frequently overindulged and sometimes poor examples of decent human beings.

So I suggest we educate ourselves on how gay families lead their lives and applaud them for their bravery in a sometimes unforgiving world.

Maria Walsh, Surrey

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While everyone is entitled to their opinion, I cannot comprehend why Peace Arch News believes it is necessary to provide a platform for such blatant hetero- and cisnormativity. Shame on you.

Patrick Aubert, White Rock