LETTERS: All Surrey residents should have input to Crescent Beach parking solutions


Those of you who enjoy Crescent Beach, be aware that your parking may be severely restricted.

A group within the Crescent Beach Property Owners is on a mission to reduce the use of your beach via parking controls.

They are circulating a petition that is biased and lacks validity, asking people to say yes or no to their prescribed solutions – paid parking on Blackie Spit and permit parking on the residential streets. Their plan is to take it to mayor and council in the hope that those changes will be quickly approved.

There is a problem finding parking on beautiful days. During summer days, traffic is indeed dreadful. Getting up the hill after a train takes a great deal of time.

But the solution needs to include you, not just the residents of Crescent Beach. We enjoy the area for nine months of the year, and during summer months adjust our schedules to minimize the disruptions. It is not really a safety issue, as the City has found no record of serious injury on the streets.

Ask the City, why can it not increase bylaw enforcement? Why can it not put in a traffic circle at 128 Street and Crescent Road? Ask the City, how it is that there are “no parking” signs on Surrey-owned frontages on residential streets.

Write the mayor, mayor@surrey.ca; write to city manager citymanager@surrey.ca; write to your councillors.

After all, it is your beach as well.

Beryl Kirk, Crescent Beach

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