LETTERS: An ‘outstanding’ thoughtful gesture

LETTERS: An ‘outstanding’ thoughtful gesture


There are good people.

Two weeks ago I was walking the Watershed Park (off Highway 10).

In my pocket was a cheque and visa statements to take to the bank after my walk, but while on the walk they were dropped on a trail.

After finishing my walk and realizing my loss, I tried to retrace my steps but could not find what I had lost.

I went to the bank to put a stop payment on the cheque and advise the bank of the loss of statements.

The next day an envelope arrived in the Canada Post with the cheque and visa statements inside but no return address to allow me to thank the dear person who returned these.

Many thanks to the very kind person who took the time to address, buy a stamp and mail my lost items.

You are very kind and your thoughtful gesture was outstanding.

Chris Birdsall, Surrey