LETTERS: ‘Anti-bias’ rules marginalize us

An open letter to the Surrey Board of Education.

An open letter to the Surrey Board of Education.

As you launch the new school year considering the dynamic and diverse district of Surrey schools, I wonder if you realize the majority of the school populous diversity lies in their cultural and moral values, and not in what is in their pants and the intended use thereof.

When you talk of human rights, you come across as very biased and discriminatory towards the majority that is involved in contributing, physically, financially and emotionally toward the successful operation of the schools.

While preoccupied with not marginalizing anyone, you actually are marginalizing most of them.

I question your assertion, that the new regulation of ‘sexual  orientation and gender equality’ provides equality for all. In fact, it is extremely discriminatory towards the majority. The Safe & Caring Schools Policy that you so lovingly talk about actually creates an environment of fear and oppression for those who hold a different view.

It is, in fact, a gag order for many students, their parents and teachers.

It is the kind of dictatorship that is commonly witnessed in the Third World underdeveloped countries, that some of us have left to migrate to a democratic country, where there is freedom of speech, freedom of religion and equality for all, not a select few.

Rukhsana Sharif, Surrey