LETTERS: At beginning of a new year, wish is for continuing community care


When I think back to the fires, the heat wave, and the flooding in our province in 2021, I see resilience and care in many levels.

I see ordinary people giving in countless ways, governing bodies quickly mobilizing units to aid during emergencies, neighbours helping neighbours, and groups of all types gathering to find ways to improve systems after horrific events.

What lies ahead is always the unknown, but what I do know is that I am tremendously grateful for where I live and the people not only in my community, but in surrounding areas that have truly looked at ways to serve beyond self.

Now, at the beginning of a new year, my wish is for continuing community care, be it supporting local businesses, improving on our interpersonal connections, donating to others, uplifting our first responders, or just taking a moment to wave to a neighbour. We are all connected.

I thank you in advance.

Mia Pedersen, White Rock

Letter to the Editor

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