LETTERS: B.C. residents being put at risk of COVID-19 infection by nearest neighbours

Alberta, Washington, Montana and Idaho have higher case numbers than B.C.


With all the talk and Numbers about Covid Cases, it still concerns me that we still don’t have border restrictions with Alberta. Additionaly, we’re allowing our B.C. border with the U.S. to be open.

When I looked at the Sept. 30 COVID-19 map online, it showed the following number of cases between Sept. 16-29:

• B.C. – 9, 765

• Alberta – 22,646

• Washington – 41,165

• Idaho – 17,089,

• Montana – 12,453.

I’m not a mathematician, but having B.C. exposed to even a small percentage of people from these higher-infection places seems absolutely irresponsible.

Locally we’re doing whatever we can to reduce the number of cases, but we’re exposed to an influx of potential COVID-19 carriers. The USA has declared Canadians a risk, yet the number of cases shows we are the ones being put at risk.

Lynda Moller, White Rock

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