LETTERS: Being bannned from Russia a badge of honour for MP Kerry-Lynne Findlay


Re: Russia ban ‘strange’ but not unexpected, March 24

I have just finished reading the comments from our MP, Ms. Findlay.

She should be proud of the fact that she has been placed on Russia’s exclusions list. Far from being surprised, she should be wearing the declaration as a badge of honour.

I would be surprised if anyone in Canada has an interest in travelling to Russia in the foreseeable future.

Russia and Russians have demonstrated a strong interest in being an international pariah. Killing women and children intentionally is despicable.

Russia must be made to pay for the total reconstruction of Ukraine. Ukrainians will not have the resources to do this huge job on their own.

Take pride in achieving the honour of making Moscow’s not-welcome list, Kerry-Lynne

Bob Hawkins, South Surrey

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