LETTERS: Bigger than how we vote

LETTERS: Bigger than how we vote

Editor: I had to read carefully to understand the various voting systems…


The ‘first-past-the-post’ local elections are over, and I have received my ballot for voting for four ‘voting systems’ – FPTP, DMP, MMP and RUP – in B.C. provincial elections.

The descriptions for the last three systems named all refer to a “party’s share of seats,” and this left me wondering what happens with votes for an independent candidate with no party affiliation.

I also had to read carefully to understand the various voting systems, reflect on the possible repercussions of my choices, as well as being sure how to mark the ballot and not do something that might invalidate it. Additionally, I had to fill in information on a “certification envelope” and make sure I put the ballot in a “secrecy sleeve” before mailing it.

My guess, based on the percentage of those who voted in recent local elections and the above complexities, is that the numbers voting in this referendum will be low.

The referendum is aiming at ways to increase broader representation in the legislature based on all votes cast, but a greater need is getting rid of prevalent and destructive attitudes in our conflict and opposition system of a party trying to govern while paying others to work towards defeating it.

We – the human race – are still in the process of understanding greater power to advance accrues to those who collaborate and work harmoniously in unity to resolutely and successfully live in peace everywhere on a very sick and badly managed planet.

Merrill Muttart, White Rock

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