LETTERS: Bike-dog untangling help was greatly appreciated


On one of the recent sunny days I was taking my dog for a short run. I am on my three-wheeled bike, he runs beside on a leash.

We hadn’t gone too far when we came across another little dog, which was interesting to my dog who ran in front of the bike.

Before I could stop, his leash had him seriously tangled in the front wheel.

Getting him untangled became a challenging task.

I was struggling for several minutes, holding the dog who had to be unleashed to get the leash free, with vehicles going by.

Finally, one stopped. It was a fire truck. I gratefully accepted the offer of the guys who spilled out of the truck to help.

They were so patient trying to get the very tangled leash free, finally taking the smartest route and cutting it.

I was in such a hurry to get off the road, I didn’t get a name or which fire station they came from to thank them. My dog and I thank you very much.

N.Park, South Surrey

Letter to the Editor