LETTERS: Blessed to live in White Rock and be surrounded by parks


I live in an apartment on North Bluff Road between Blackwood and Martin Street. Here, I am fortunate to be within short walking distance of four parks.

Just across the street is Hodgson Park. Though very small, it boasts a great variety of trees, bushes and flowers around its perimeter and in the centre. In it is a stone picnic table and several benches for relaxation. Its green grass and circular, concrete paths offer one a pleasant stroll in this quaint, little park.

Not far from this is Bryant Park, at the entrance of which each spring and summer is a display of beautiful flowers. This site is a narrow strip of parkway between Russell and Thrift Avenues. Stately tall trees line both sides of it, with several benches available along its route for any who wish to sit and relax while there.

Then there are the two more spacious parks. One is Southmere Village Park. What a pleasant walk it affords its strollers along its concrete pathways. Two ponds where ducks, geese and seagulls swim, add to the pleasantry of a jaunt through it. Green grass, trees, bushes and other exhibits of nature are in abundance throughout the premises. Benches, too, are sufficiently spaced about for temporary pauses. At one end, by North Bluff Road, are the Water Wise Gardens featuring pretty flowers to add to the texture and beauty of the park.

Finally, across the street and a bit westward is Centennial/Ruth Johnson Park. It has a super playground for the children of the community. Picnic tables are available nearby a gorgeously wooded area. At its eastern end are the Butterfly Gardens where a delightful walk from one archway to the other offers a view of beautiful flowers and other pretty foliage.

I realize these are not the only parks in his region; but to live so close to these few makes me realize how blessed I am.

Les Johnson, White Rock

Letter to the Editor