LETTERS: Border COVID-testing regulations a waste of time and tax dollars


How obsessively idiotic is the Trudeau regime over COVID?

The other morning I made a five-minute trip to Blaine to get gas. My only interaction was with a gas pump.

Nevertheless, I was given a “mandatory COVID test” to track the importation of COVID into Canada. You can be sure if somehow the result was positive, it wasn’t due to a five-minute trip to Blaine.

This also forced me to navigate another government mandated system: FlyCan.

It isn’t bad enough that the totally useless ArriveCan app has decimated the tourism industry in Canada, there is another whole set of hoops to jump through, requiring all the same information that ArriveCan already has, if you are forced to do this test.

This is a total waste of my time and your tax dollars.

The next federal election can’t come soon enough.

Ed Beauregard, Surrey

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