LETTERS: Broken record


We residents of Surrey South are informed by Victoria that Stephanie Cadieux is hoping to be our next representative.


We residents of Surrey South are now informed by the powers that be in Victoria that Children and Family Development Minister Stephanie Cadieux is hoping to be our next representative in the B.C. legislature.

This will be Cadieux’s third constituency, having previously represented Surrey-Panorama and Surrey-Cloverdale.

Dare I ask whether we really want this person to represent us?

Cadieux’s record is nothing but one horrific catastrophe after another.

The wait list for help from this key ministry is nine months – double that if you are aboriginal. These are children in crisis! In the past, the Plecas report pointed out the ministry is hopelessly short-staffed.

It is still short-staffed. Does Cadieux care? These are our children whose lives are being neglected.

In the 2015/2016 fiscal year alone, there have been no less than 530 critical injuries, 112 incidents of attempted suicide reported and 90 deaths, under the minister’s watch.

Children are taken out of their families and expected to live alone and unsupported in hotel rooms. Are the suicides and accidents a surprise?

For weeks now, we have read stories about a three-year-old Métis girl ripped away from her foster parents and sent to Ontario. And a few days ago we learned that more than 112 children in the government’s care were victims of ‘sexualized violence,’ often by the foster parent!

I have yet to hear from the minister, but someone in her department said something about giving it some thought. Not good enough.

This neglect of the most vulnerable members of our society is a reflection on all of us. I, for one, will not be supporting her.

Niovi Patsicakis, Surrey