LETTERS: Brother should not have died confused and alone in care

‘It’s time to end this hysteria and get back to common sense’


My 67-year-old brother died yesterday, in care, alone.

We were informed of his impending death two hours before he died. Apparently he quit eating two weeks ago, but the care home neglected to tell us.

They were quarantined because of an outbreak and no one could visit. I live out of town and wasn’t allowed to visit. I hadn’t seen him since March.

He was upset that no one came to see him. He was from a large and loving family that thought the world of him. He thought he had done something wrong. He couldn’t figure it out, so he quit eating.

He had Parkinson’s, but died of loneliness and despair. No one should have to die alone; it seems very cruel to me. What has happened to quality of life over quantity?

It’s time to end this hysteria and get back to common sense.

Pat Humphries, Surrey