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Re: Businesses focus on free parking, March 8


Re: Businesses focus on free parking, March 8.

I am surprised that the White Rock City Council would even consider a respite from pay parking on Marine Drive.

As a homeowner in this city, I have only to look out the window to see sand and debris covering the road outside. The sand has been lying there for at least a month-and-a-half. The street cleaner has not been by for at least that time.

This council only seems to concentrate their efforts on the waterfront area while ignoring the average homeowner who is expected to bear the tax burden to improve the lot of the property owners and the merchants on Marine Drive.

It is time the Marine Drive property owners were left to solve their own problems and to come up with business solutions that would attract more customers without asking concessions from the city who only pass it on to the taxpayers.

It is also time for the city council to pay more attention to the needs of the already overburdened average homeowner.

Donald Enos, White Rock