LETTERS: Celebration no solution

An open letter to Surrey council.

An open letter to Surrey council.

Regarding your Environmental Extravaganza, how is it possible that you invite the public to an event on one hand, to come and enjoy nature like trees, forests, butterflies, flowers, raccoons, etc., and on the other hand you relentlessly mow down whole old forests which leaves wildlife in chaos?

Some of the animals get injured or killed in the process.

It is quite apparent you really do not care what happens to the frightened wildlife, birds or environment. At the same time as this ‘extravaganza,’ you keep on destroying nature at an alarming rate. You preach preservation but you practise destruction.

Look at the 18600-block of 24 Avenue in South Surrey. Not long ago this was the most beautiful old dense forest. It was the home to an abundance of creatures.

Carelessly, it was chopped down during bird-nesting season. Fawns were running out of there terrified, eventually dying of shock.

This is the spot where a galvanizing plant is destined. So what were you thinking? How can you justify what you have allowed?

It will not be long before you have to abandon your position! And when you do, we always have something we can remember you by, with tears in our eyes: The mess you left behind.

I. Thielemann, Surrey