LETTERS: Cities’ futures worth a talk


The discussion on establishing a new South Surrey-White Rock municipality or a ward system surely deserves serious consideration.


The discussion that has recently graced these pages on the respective merits, or otherwise, of establishing a new South Surrey-White Rock municipality, or, alternatively, of a ward system in Surrey into which White Rock would be incorporated, surely deserves serious consideration.

The transportation, business and economic axes primarily run east-west, from Crescent Beach to Cloverdale. To recognize this reality provides a number of advantages.

Such a municipal reorganization would significantly extend and vary the tax base for the whole area. The planning capacity would be enhanced, and issues that concern White Rock – such as development options beyond the building of highrises, the provision of affordable housing, the development of community assets such as daycare, community gardens and sustainable food production, improved tourism attractions, the issues surrounding the rail lines, just to mention a few of the city’s outstanding challenges and opportunities – would stand a much better chance of resolution within a larger municipal entity.

Not least, an effective planning capacity could examine, with effective community input, much more extensive visions of the future of the area. For example, the possibility of attracting high-tech industries, with associated post-secondary training provision, for which there is space in White Rock, is a possibility worth examining.

As it stands, the municipality of White Rock is too small, too parochial and too blinkered to examine options that could substantially improve the quality of life for residents across South Surrey.

Peter Ferris, Surrey