LETTERS: City of White Rock’s decision on waste collection welcome but questions remain

Strata dweller hopes residents won’t be penalized for broken contracts


Re: City to resume mult-family, commercial waste collection, Oct. 14

As one of the original proponents of having a single garbage service provider in the City of White Rock, I was heartened to learn that this is about to happen. The concerns that we brought forward to the previous council have all come to pass with additional issues that we had not considered in 2015.

On our street, three adjacent buildings have three different providers with the concomitant traffic, noise, and environmental problems. As predicted, the fees for the service have escalated astronomically – over 100 per cent in five years in our case.

In addition, we have had schedule changes without notification with garbage not retrieved. Then we would be double-charged for the non-pickup which would necessitate calls and emails to the service provider before a reversal occurred. We are very much looking forward to a future without these problems.

I have a question, though, as I understand that garbage retrieval companies have “iron-clad” contracts. What will happen to those stratas whose contracts extend past the 2023 city takeover date?

How will the city ensure that these stratas are not charged significant fees and penalties for cancellation?

I am hopeful that these questions are answered as we learn more details.

Theresa Reilkoff, White Rock

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