LETTERS: City response unacceptable


Re: ‘Safety concerns’ to shutter business, Feb. 22.


Re: ‘Safety concerns’ to shutter business, Feb. 22.

White Rock is losing business – restaurants on the beach are closing and empty storefronts abound – therefore in the interest of keeping a business within White Rock, could city staff not at least offer to a business operator a phone number of who is responsible or could offer assistance?

This aggressive tone and response from Farnaz Farrokhi to Peace Arch News with the threat stated of going to other media outlets is not in keeping with a city that wants to support and assist business.

If a person hired by the city as a communications manager responds to criticism in this manner, our city hall is sadly in much worse state than I had previously thought.

Sheila Davidson, White Rock

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As a citizen and taxpayer in White Rock, I do not want the city spokesperson bullying the media.

“If you guys continue doing this, we’re going to not respond and go to other media outlets to get our message out,” communications manager Farnaz Farrokhi told PAN.

What she is saying is that if you don’t write what I tell you, then the dollars we spend to distribute information through the PAN will be discontinued. As she points out, it isn’t just that she is speaking for herself: “Not just me, but city staff.”

Is that reflective of the kind of community we want White Rock to be?

Ross Buchanan, White Rock

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The city obviously does not want to get out of its comfort zone to help the many struggling small businesses in the downtown core and Marine Drive.

I was sickened by the city spokesperson’s actions of deflecting, and found her response lacking in any compassion and concern.

I was simply astonished at Farnaz Farrokhi’s attempts to bully the PAN by threatening to take the city’s business elsewhere. This is Canada, not a ‘Trumpian’ universe.

If she, as stated, is reflecting the opinion of city staff and the current council, then I would say there will have to be a complete changing of the guard come October 2018.

Garry Wolgemuth, White Rock