LETTERS: Civic vision not shared

LETTERS: Civic vision not shared

Open letters to White Rock council. Re: White Rock highrise hearings draw 200, Sept. 15.

Open letters to White Rock council.

Re: White Rock highrise hearings draw 200, Sept. 15.

I was not able to attend the public hearings for the non-compliant towers that were held Sept. 12. My sincere and upsetting thoughts are as follows.

I really hope some common sense will prevail and that you will not proceed with these two ‘proposed’ towers on the hillside.

We all moved to White Rock for a smaller, quieter, more relaxed environment and are paying dearly for it with our ever-rising taxes and cost of living.

Now, you want to make it as dense as possible to achieve what – more tax dollars, more cars, more congestion, more noise, more garbage and delivery trucks through this lovely small community?

What a selfish agenda you all have.

Barb Mallard, White Rock

• • •

Please consider this as my opposition to the two developments in the 1300-block of Johnston Road for more towers.

I do not understand why these would be built. My understanding of the official community plan (OCP) is that there were to be no highrises south of Thrift Avenue. Why would this change, and why have residents not been notified?

What is the city’s infrastructure plan to keep up with all the added new residents who would move into the area? As well, why are the beautiful trees along Johnston Road being taken down (Trees felled at Johnston Road gateway, Sept. 13)?

Does the mayor and council want our city to turn into the West End of Vancouver?

As a longtime resident, since 1975, I find this very upsetting that the city I’m so proud to live in is turning into a concrete jungle. Hope it’s not too late!

Gale Dawson, White Rock

• • •

I read the story in the Peace Arch News, the astounding news regarding plans for two properties on Johnston Road.

Deals World is to be taken down and replaced with a proposed 14-storey building (Deals World scrambles to find new home, Aug. 23). What are the mayor and council thinking?

Bosa towers were built in 2008. The OCP states that towers may be built north of Thrift Avenue. Now there are many tall buildings in this area. I would be furious if I lived in those apartments and had to stare at the sea with a hideous tower in the way.

There may be many horrible towers south of Thrift Avenue.

Please, council, do not allow exceptions to our wonderful Johnston Road with sights of the sea and sky.

Mary MacDonald, White Rock