LETTERS: Column’s scaremongering hangs unsubstantiated

LETTERS: Column’s scaremongering hangs unsubstantiated


Re: Courting disaster with a city police force, July 12

The oddest argument yet in favour of retaining the RCMP as a local law enforcement agency – by a PAN reporter, yet.

Alex Browne mixes pros and cons with unsupported predictions of future failure, rooting his misgivings in the doings of a Vancouver police chief in the early 1950s – doings, which the then-attorney general found non-prosecutable.

The loose reportorial talk includes prophecies of a new police force consisting of “also-rans and mall cops…officers ambitious…enough to be lured by the chance to feather their own nests.” A police force “rushed into existence at the whim of a few.

“Mayor Doug McCallum is courting disaster.”

Well, maybe he is. He was also elected on the promise of establishing a community-oriented enforcement agency that included preventive police work. Police, presumably, who show the uniform in daylight also.

Browne’s scare-mongering hangs totally unsubstantiated.

If anything, he inadvertently points to current police failures: “…a city plagued by gangs and drive-by shootings…recent report on money laundering … corruption, on a municipal level, has been…virtually unexplored territory for investigators.”

And the last spike hammered home: “What a boon for organized crime.”

This, while Browne has convincingly described how great a boon crime already is.

Finn Schultz-Lorentzen, White Rock