LETTERS: Council is acting in best interest of majority of residents


Re: Credit where it’s due, April 22 letters

I feel it necessary to comment on Fiona MacDermid’s comments.I don’t want to take away from the efforts of those who spoke up re: saving Maccaud Park – good work.But seems to me that council is not “so out of touch with the people they serve” as she claims. The people have spoken, and council acted.

I sent an email to council recently and was impressed by how quickly members of council got back to me. I felt heard.

Just as we all must take responsibility for our part in managing this pandemic, it’s important we are involved in community affairs and let council know what we want and need.

I may not agree with council in their decisions sometimes, but I do believe they are trying to act in the majority’s best interest and in the best interest of White Rock.

Not an easy job in these challenging times.

Susan Shakespeare, White Rock

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