LETTERS: Councillor’s fine, suspension amount to ‘slap on the wrist’

LETTERS: Councillor’s fine, suspension amount to ‘slap on the wrist’


I am given to understand, by reading various news reports, that the College Of Naturopathic Physicians Of British Columbia has suspended and fined City of Surrey Coun. Allison Patton because she was not forthright about her professional credentials during the most recent civic election.

The college noted, in a public notice issued this month, that Patton was fined $500 and handed a three-day suspension from practising naturopathic medicine after she admitted to using the titles of physician and doctor “without denoting that she is a naturopathic doctor.”

I earnestly implore you to reconsider the “slap-on-wrist” judgment you have levied, especially as your committee described Patton’s actions as “serious.”

(1) Coun. Patton is a person holding a public position of high honour in B.C.’s second-largest city and, as such, she should be held to a higher standard;

(2) the three-day suspension and $500 fine pose absolutely no hardship on Ms. Patton, as she receives a stipend from the taxpayers of Surrey as well as her naturopathic practice;

(3) it sets a precedent for low expectations from your college members;

(4) in no way is it a severe enough punishment to be a deterrent to any other practising naturopathic doctor.

Annie Kaps, Surrey

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