LETTERS: Courtesy, safety lacking among many promenade walkers

Too many failing to walk single-file, while passing others


I walk the promenade and pier seven days a week and I have noticed, since the weather is getting better, that far too many people are walking abreast in groups and not moving to a single file while passing walkers coming from the other direction.

Please be respectful of all the walkers and follow the social-distancing rules. The promenade is too narrow to safely social distance unless we go single file while passing.

If you are a faster walker please let those in front of you know which side you will pass on so that we can move over to single file.

The same goes for exiting the promenade on the narrow stairways – please allow those who entered first to exit before you enter.

These are common courtesies to keep us all safe during COVID-19 and the variants.

Joy Kroeker, South Surrey

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