LETTERS: Credit where credit is due

LETTERS: Credit where credit is due


A letter to the editor written by me was published in the June 12 Peace Arch News, entitled: Parks maintenance ‘unacceptable.’

Prior to that publication, I had appeared at council as a delegation and again at the next council meeting for question period in response to a staff report on Hillside Maintenance.

I had raised the issue and concern about the lack of maintenance in the hillside park/walkways going from the waterfront to the town centre.

At the June 10 meeting, council discussed the Hillside Maintenance report and directed staff to increase the level of maintenance for the remainder of 2019, and to do so in 2020 and beyond.

They asked for cost estimates for an increased grass-cutting schedule, capital improvements, playground equipment, flower beds and tree-planting upgrades. With that information, they will be able to plan more strategically and effectively over the next few years.

Council demonstrated they are serious about the pursuit of excellence and about achieving progress toward the strategic priorities they identified for themselves.

By increasing the level of maintenance in the hillside parks and walkways, they will achieve greater walkability, connections between the waterfront and town centre, safety, citizen pride and an enhanced city image.

The hillside parks and walkways are features that are unique to White Rock. They are highly visible and well-utilized. Due to the positive action by this council, in the future they will add to the attractiveness of our community and will lead to greater resident satisfaction and higher quality of life. Kudos to council! You listened and acted.

Edie Doepker, White Rock