LETTERS: Day restored by Samaritan


Tuesday afternoon was a day of great anguish for me.


Tuesday afternoon was a day of great anguish for me.

I filled my car with gas at the Chevron uptown and took some more time putting air in all four tires. All this and not realizing that I left my wallet on my trunk lid after I used my card at the pump.

Driving south and proceeding to do some shopping, I realized my wallet was not in my purse when I was at the checkout. Panic set in and all steps were retraced.

Many helped in my search but to no avail. What an awful feeling.

Went home and proceeded to cancel all my cards.

Then a call came from the White Rock RCMP detachment. The constable informed me that my wallet was found strewn all over the road at Martin and North Bluff. It had hung on for some time before it flew off.

A Good Samaritan gathered all the contents and took it to the police station. They could not reveal his name, but I want to thank that gentleman for his very kind deed.

I never have lost my faith in the good of people, and this truly confirms that there are real good hearts out there.

Whoever you are, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your goodness is very much appreciated.

I ruined my day, but you gave it back to me. Thank you once again.

Patricia Seggie, Surrey