LETTERS: Delta’s stance tunnel vision

LETTERS: Delta’s stance tunnel vision

Editor: Re: Delta ‘dispels myths’ about Massey Bridge, July 21.


Re: Delta ‘dispels myths’ about Massey Bridge, July 21.

I was disappointed that you chose to publish an article, which affects many of us here in White Rock/Surrey, that presented only one side to the story – and a rather disingenuous one at that.

It seems to suggest that the tunnels are not safe, by presenting statistics in a vacuum. In fact, the tunnels have a pretty good safety record in relation to other tunnels.

Subsequent safety arguments related to a significant seismic event – which a new bridge would withstand better – are entirely moot. In such an event, the predicted consequences are such as to make either bridge or tunnel quite redundant for Richmond residents.

Much of the article sounded suspiciously like political ‘sour grapes.’ Rather than determining why the other Metro mayors did not support this project, it is implicitly assumed to be because it doesn’t meet their own petty political priorities. One could equally assume this to apply to Delta Mayor Lois Jackson.

It seems that this has become an emotive issue rather than an economic or financial one.

The referenced report by Delta’s CAO apparently spells out the “safety, economic and fiscal case,” but other than some meaningless “safety” statistics, none are laid out. Too bad.

Jos Van Der Velden, White Rock